Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wandering around - Girovagando

On Sunday there was an event here at the castle of Ceglie Messapica to showcase new olive oil production and local culinary treats. There was music planned as well, but I didn't see or hear anything because, as usual, I arrived too early, which is to say only half an hour after the expected start of the event. By 5:15 half of the tables still had not been set up, and after chatting for a bit with a friend, I got tired of waiting, wandered off and took a few photos. I will never learn.
Domenica scorsa c'e` stato un evento al castello ducale di Ceglie Messapica per la presentazione dell'olio nuovo e di altre prelibatezze gastronomiche di Ceglie. Era prevista anche la musica, ma non ho visto e sentito niente, perché come al solito sono arrivata troppo presto e, cioè, mezz'ora dopo l'orario previsto per l'inizio dell'evento. Verso le 17,15 la meta` dei tavoli erano ancora vuoti e così, dopo aver chiacchierato per un po' con un amico, mi sono stancata di aspettare e me ne sono andata. Ne ho approfittato per scattare qualche foto. Non imparerò mai.
The Castle Stairs
The Castle Tower
View of the Mother Church from the Castle 
The Mother Church
Statue of Breast Feeding Virgin Mary inside Mother Church
Maybe someday I'll learn to go to everything at least an hour late, or more.....
Forse un giorno imparerò ad andare agli eventi con un ora di ritardo, o di più...


  1. Anna Maria, I am just this moment discovering your new blog. What beautiful photos, especially of the town where Frederick is feted. I've subscribed now so I don't miss any more posts. Please don't stop!

  2. Hi Christine, thanks for stopping by and for reminding me to keep posting! I've already slacked off, bad me :-)

  3. Hello Anna Maria,

    My name is Bryce Baker from Columbus, OH. First let me say your artwork and photography is beautiful! I left you a private message on Facebook regarding Nicola in Hawaii. If you could check the message. I'd love to hear back from you.

    With Aloha,


    1. Hello Bryce,
      I can't find your message on FB.